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Thank you for visiting my photography web site. I hope you enjoy perusing the various galleries I have posted. I regularly add new galleries and images.

I developed an interest in photography as a teen when my Dad gave me his Minolta SRT100 SLR camera, which I still have. I was hooked on photography, and have been taking photos ever since. Over the past 30 plus years, I have shot countless roles of film – both color and black & white – and have spent many a day (and night) in the darkroom. I still love to shoot film - and will never part with my three film cameras - but now primarily shoot digital because of the work flow, quick turnaround, etc. My “darkroom” now consists of my laptop and desktop PCs, which allow me to do many of the same things I did while working in the conventional darkroom – without all the chemicals!

I really enjoy being behind the camera and creating images for others (and myself) to enjoy. I have sold (and given away) many images, some of which hang on walls as far away as San Diego, Chicago, and Texas. Whether I am creating an image of a landscape, or freezing a moment in time through a portrait, I offer the same attention to detail in my work. My recent focus (no pun intended!) has been to document the beauty and ecological diversity of the Blackstone Valley. I have found many photo-worthy locations “right in our backyard.” Recently I’ve had my images displayed at the Booklover’s Gourmet in Webster, Fresh Air Flowers in Douglas, and the Douglas Unibank.

Any image I create and post can be custom printed for display in your home, office, etc. Thank you for your interest in my work. I welcome your feedback, so feel free to e-mail me via the link below.

Phil Smith
Douglas, MA

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